Pump Floats

In addition to providing our customers with an unrivalled selection of pumps, we also offer a full range of accessories and services to support all your pumping needs and ensure any project can be carried out as required. 

We've recently increased our submersible pump capability with an investment in flotation devices from Sulzer.

Pump flotation systems

We can provide modular pump flotation systems which are easy to build and use and available for submersible pumps from 150 to 600kg. 

  • Safe installation with approved and classified 2 part, easy to adjust, lifting chain mounted on the lifting stand
  • The systems are compact and light-weight, making it easy to install together with the pump
  • They have a flexible design with few parts required to build a flotation system - simply add on another module to increase the floating capacity
  • Selwood flotation systems make pumps visible and easy to identify where installed

Pipeline flotation

Designed and built in the UK, these floats provide an effective way of floating pipelines.

  • They are quick to assembly and disassemble
  • They can be easily transported and light to handle
  • Increased flexibility for changing pipeline lengths
  • Floats are durable and robust, cannot be tipped over, eliminating previous downtime in up righting pontoons
  • They give buoyancy to heavy pipework and strainers
  • Each module is interchangeable so can be replaced when damaged without breaking the pipeline

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