We have a wide range of supporting equipment

Hoses and Pipework: Selwood has a comprehensive range of hoses and pipes, from 2” to 18”, including fire hose, flexible composite hose, galvanised steel hose, HDPE hose, lay-flat hose, oil master hose, poly hose and wire-armoured hose.

Fittings: We offer a range of pump hose accessories and fittings, including Bauer fittings up to 16”, flange fittings up to 32”, mechanical & magflow flow metres, strainers up to 12” and valves up to 18”.

Intelligent Pumping Management: We have a unique range of specialist equipment for all your rental requirements, including auto stop/start control panels, diesel-driven control panels, distribution panels, electric submersible control panels, fuel cube telemetry, inverters, pump monitoring systems, pump telemetry and ultra-sonic level control panels.

Pumping Accessories: Our range of accessories include drip trays, interceptor trays, fuel cubes with remote telemetry option, road and pedestrian ramps, pipe stoppers, Selwood silt traps, settlement tanks and silt bags.

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