HVO Fuel

We’re proud of our commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our products. Selwood pumps can now run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) which gives our customers quieter and greener options, especially when operating in sensitive areas.

The biofuel is made from renewable, sustainable, raw materials, that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, hydrocarbon emissions, carbon monoxide output and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Why use HVO?

With a growing drive to tackle the root cause of climate change, all sectors are under huge pressure to reduce their environmental impact. With this in mind, we have been looking into how we can reduce our impact and where this reduction could come from. 

HVO is a modern way to produce the fuel needed for everyday use with Selwood pumps but also for reducing CO2e emissions. HVO fuel is perfect for reaching these goals as it helps to reduce our impact on the environment without impacting operational performance.

With up to 90% reduction in greenhouse emissions, HVO fuel is significantly better for the environment than regular diesel or biodiesel. HVO fuel can be used interchangeably with regular diesel, ensuring that existing engines and infrastructure can stay in place. The fuel also has a long shelf life as impurities are removed during the production process, eliminating the key factors for fuel degradation and increasing shelf life to around 10 years.

*when using Crown Oil fuel

HVO is a good alternative to red diesel which is affected by the fuel legislation changes coming into force on April 1st 2022.

Pump Sales

All Selwood pumps which have a stage 3B engine, including the eco range, can run on HVO fuel as an alternative to diesel. 

We're also committed to ensuring that new pumps manufactured at our headquarters in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, for use in the UK and around the world, are HVO-compatible, subject to individual engine manufacturers’ guidelines.

Pump Rental

All Selwood pumps for hire which have a stage 3B engine, including the eco range, can run on HVO fuel as an alternative to diesel. 

Contact your local pump rental branch for more information.

Contact the Selwood team for more information about HVO fuel.