Pipe Stoppers

In addition to providing our customers with an unrivalled selection of pumps, we also offer a full range of accessories and services to support all your pumping needs and ensure any project can be carried out as required. 

We have a range of very durable, inflatable multi-sized pipe stoppers for use with overpumping, bypass pumping, fluming and blanking off pipework including:

  • Compact bypass pipe and drain stoppers
  • Blank pipe & sewer stoppers
  • Bypass pipe & drain stoppers

The stoppers are inflated using simple integrated inflation controllers that are fitted with pre-set and sealed pressure regulation valves, preventing over inflation and damage. Air can be supplied from either a hand-pump, site compressor or compressed air cylinders. All Selwood pipe stoppers are supplied fitted with bauer connections of the appropriate type.

To help us provide the best advice and product for your application, we'll work with you to answer these questions:

What size and shape is the pipe? Selwood stock pipe stoppers suitable for round pipes, although if your application has ovoid pipes, we will be able to source these for you.

Where is it to be used? Is the stopper is to be used in a pumped or gravity feed main? Selwood Pipe Stoppers can only be used in a gravity main, not in pressurised, steam or gas lines.

Type of media. Are there any aggressive media in the pipes (acids, alkali solutions or solvents, as synthetic rubber is prone to perishing after contact with these)?

What type of application is it? Do you require a blank or by-pass stopper, or a mix of the two?

Selwood team members are always on hand to demonstrate and to talk you through the inflation and deflation procedures if required. We also produce a comprehensive user guide and safety leaflet for your convenience - contact your local branch to find out more.

Our dedicated team has years of experience in dealing with customers’ pumping requirements and are proud to deliver innovative pumping solutions, anytime and anywhere in the UK, with exceptional customer service.

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