Pump spares

Boost your pump’s performance and lifespan with genuine Selwood parts kits.

Selwood pumps are renowned globally for their build quality and longevity. You’ve invested in the best, so you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to keep it at peak performance in the years to come.

Genuine Selwood parts kits are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our pumps. They can boost performance, increase your pump’s lifespan, reduce downtime and give you peace of mind that you have spares to hand whenever needed.

Parts are available at any time from Selwood’s headquarters, branches and worldwide distributors. All major credit cards are accepted. You can also save by purchasing our recommended kits, with one or two-year options, when you buy your pump.

Pumps with spares kits*

Solids Handling Pumps

S100, S150, S160, S200, S300

Drainer Pumps

D75, D80, D100, D150, D150ER, D150RR, D200

High Head Pumps

H80, H100, H150, H200

Positive Displacement Pumps


* Also includes Eco pumps with the same designation above