Drainage, sewage and explosion-proof submersible pumps

Our submersible drainage pumps, ranging from 2” to 12”, are suitable for a very broad field of applications. They are often used for de-watering on construction sites, residential properties, roads, tunnels, rock caverns, harbours and dams. They’re also utilised for drainage and ballast pumping in shipyards, drainage in the event of flooding in mines and industrial plants, for cooling, clean water, raw water supply and water spraying. The pumps are designed specifically for handling media containing highly abrasive materials such as clay, sand and drilling fines. These pumps are not suitable for installation in EXD areas.

Our sewage series of submersible pumps, from 2” to 20”, cover an extensive performance range and are used for a variety of applications. These vary from pumping sewage in treatment plants and municipal applications to irrigation, industrial effluent, process water and raw water handling. An extensive range of hydraulic components such as impeller and volute are available to handle the different types of applications. Explosion-proof (EXD) sewage pumps are available.

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