Spill Kits and Drip Trays

In addition to providing our customers with an unrivalled selection of pumps, we also offer a full range of accessories and services to support all your pumping needs and ensure any project can be carried out as required. 

Every business that handles, stores or transports liquids needs to have appropriate equipment readily available in case of accidents or emergencies.

Selwood Spill Kit and Selwood Drip Trays, available separately or together, allow you to take fast action to prevent any damage to your site. 

Spill Kits

Our spill kits are suitable for a range of applications, from simple spills to more problematic chemicals and oils spills. Selwood spill kits come with essential protection equipment and the absorbent material required for each substance, including coolants/antifreeze, oil & fuels, chemicals and liquid solvents.

Our 30-litre general-purpose spill kit is supplied in a heat-sealed weathertight carry bag and is packed with fast-acting absorbents to clean up spills quickly and efficiently. Each kit includes highly absorbent 1.2-metre socks to contain the flow of liquid and protect drains or local area from contamination, pads and disposal bags with zip-ties to avoid contamination when disposing of the absorbed contaminants.

We can also supply larger kits, to suit your application - just let us know when you request your kit.

Drip Trays

The effective design of the Selwood drip tray negates the need for filters or chemicals, giving you instant environmental protection with added protection against the harmful risks and costs associated with fuel and oil leaks.

The tray works on the principle that oil floats on water so during the initial set up the main base of the drip tray is charged with two inches of water.

If liquid falls into the tray, any oil and fuel naturally separate from the water leaving the water to pass safely through the interceptor outlet hole. The amount of oil and fuel retained in the tray is monitored by a sight gauge and when full, the residue can be removed ready for safe disposal at a licensed disposal site.

We hold a number of models and sizes from different suppliers, and our team can help you find the most suitable option.

Our spill kit is portable and the addition of a drip tray makes for a more versatile kit. Backed by our expertise and exceptional service, we will advise you on the safest ways to use and install our pumping systems.
If you have any queries, please get in touch with our team using the contact form below.

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