Solids Handling Pumps – Everything You Need to Know

10th June 2021

Solids handling pumps are designed to handle the toughest dewatering, sewage, and sludge applications – perfect for waste and wastewater industries.

The Selwood range performs efficiently in the most challenging environments which is why they are invaluable in construction and civil engineering, oil and gas, pollution control and industrial settings.

Whatever your job, we have the solution.

Our ‘S’ Solids pumps

Selwood ‘S’ pumps are the market leader when it comes to solids handling.

Their vortex-flow design, Selprime automatic self-priming, emission compliant engines and ease of operation means trouble-free pumping of:

  • raw and screened sewage
  • sludge or slurry
  • bentonite
  • water with fine and large solids
  • water containing rags and fibres

We also use the best materials for the job. A number of our ‘S’ pump models can be made with stainless steel interiors; robust and highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Pump internals are heat treated to make them even tougher – ideal for aggressive environments.

The S100, S150 and S200 are our signature Seltorque vortex flow pumps. Choose the S150M for a medium head pump with stainless steel internals and a semi-open two blade impeller, or the S300 for a medium head mixed flow two blade impeller.

The S100, S150 and S200 are available as a value-engineered option for lesser regulated areas.

As with all Selwood products, our solids handling pumps can be supplied with accessories and other equipment as a complete package suited for any application.


Why choose a Selwood solids handling pump 

Built to last

Built with the highest quality of materials available, Selwood ‘S’ solids pumps stand the test of time, ensuring extended operational life, whatever the requirement. In fact, our solids handling pumps are so reliable that they offer years of repair-free operation, and they are carefully designed for easy maintenance.

Our unparalleled commitment to quality has ensured our position as leaders in the development and manufacture of outstanding pumps.

Easy to maintain

Our solids handling pumps are easy to maintain and can be repaired on site, giving you less downtime when it really matters. Their robust construction and dry running capability means they’re durable, reliable and cost less over their life cycle.

Close-coupled pump design (it’s all connected!) ensures ease of maintenance and repair with reduced noise, vibration and extended life.
You will also be able to purchase genuine spare parts or our recommended spares kit, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event of a breakdown. 

If you feel you could benefit from some extra support, we offer comprehensive training on solids pump maintenance, troubleshooting and more. We can offer structured or bespoke training programmes at our new technical training centre and classroom at Selwood’s head office, or we can come to you – wherever in the world you might be. 

They come in Super Silent

When you’re operating around the clock, particularly in urban and residential areas, noise is a primary concern. 

Our solids handling pumps can come with our Super Silent canopies, giving world-leading sound attenuation on both electric and diesel motors – meaning they’re the quietest pumps on the market today.

Our compact canopies are built to an extremely high technical standard, with protective enclosures and silencers designed to reduce operating noise. What’s more, with a Super Silent option, you will also benefit from protection against the elements and added security against theft or vandalism.

All buyers of our Super Silent solids pumps benefit from our Selprime automatic self-priming system and Selwood Standard Build – meaning they are delivered with the same additional extras as our rental customers, including:

  • Auto stop/start for improved fuel efficiencies and lower emissions
  • Our bulk fuel kit for cleaner and easier operation
  • An oil drain kit for fast and clean oil changes

Backed by our exceptional teams

We don’t just sell a pump. When you buy or rent a solids handling pump from us, our team and worldwide network of partners provide exceptional customer service and a pride that comes from our world-renowned products. 

Our years of experience, specialist knowledge and technical expertise allow us to give you a truly bespoke service because we know that the requirements are different for each and every customer. 

And for those rare occasions when a pump goes down, we’re always available to get you back up and running.


We’re experts in solids handling

Selwood is a trusted provider of water and wastewater solids pumping solutions and we’ve delivered thousands of bespoke installations of solids handling pumps thanks to close relationships with our partners and customers.

We are one of the only UK companies to manufacture our own pump range for both sales and hire – and we’ve been doing it for over 70 years.

Our pump flexibility, reliability and longevity have ensured the Selwood name is synonymous with quality.

Talk to one of our pump experts about your specific requirements and let us help you find the right solids handling pump for your project.

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