Boxing club

A Selwood-sponsored boxing club is making a huge difference in a community where members aged from seven to 74 enjoy training in a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. 

Cain Boxing Club, in the heart of the Sheddocksley area of Aberdeen, Scotland, was founded by the Cain family – Jamie, Nikki, Kieran and their dad, Alex – just three years ago. 

Since then, the membership has grown to take in more than 80 people of all ages, with some of the club’s members achieving national titles and even representing Scotland internationally. 

However, the benefits don’t stop at sporting achievement – Alex and the club’s team of volunteers make a huge difference to the community around them. 

“It’s a deprived area and anywhere where there are large council estates there can be challenges,” says Alex. “But it’s also a very strong community. Coming here helps give young people a focus, and they learn about discipline and respect. 

“Every single coach is a volunteer. One of them is a university graduate who dedicates time before each boxing session to offer maths and science lessons to members. It’s not just about boxing – it’s about bringing a community together.” 

In his day job Alex is a Regional Account Manager for Selwood in Aberdeen. He successfully asked Selwood to be one of the sponsors of the club, which is run on a not-for-profit basis. 

The financial support from Selwood and other sponsors helps with travel and running costs, as well as going towards equipment such as punch bags and sports kit. 

“We’re really grateful for all the support we receive – we just couldn’t do it without our sponsors, the volunteers who give up their time, and the unwavering support of parents who consistently contribute their time and energy to the club,” Alex added. 

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