Hiab trucks

Selwood, the UK’s leader in engineered pump rental solutions, has invested in innovative new trucks that strengthen its ability to deliver pipework around the UK safely, simply and efficiently.

Selwood worked in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Hiab to finalise the design of two new Actros long distance 3351 LS 6x4 GigaSpace 5 Tractor units, the only ones of their kind in the UK fitted with a specialised pipe handling crane.

The trucks are fitted with Hiab crane loaders and pipe grabs which reduce the workload of teams loading pipework into the trucks at the depot, and minimise risks during delivery by limiting the need for people to work at the back of the vehicles.

John Lovell, Managing Director for Selwood Pump Rental Solutions, said: “Historically we have had to pre-sling pipework in our depots before loading, to eliminate the need for people to have to get on the back of the trucks to connect the pipes to a crane on site to unload.

“The Hiab loaders and pipe grabs on the new trucks will see the need for pre-slinging loads, and the additional risk of people coming into contact with cranes, reduced and potentially eradicated.

“The vehicles will also bring more efficiency by only requiring the operator to undertake loading and unloading duties, meaning this is now a one-person job rather than a three-person operation.”

The two new vehicles will be based at Selwood’s headquarters at Chandlers Ford, near Southampton, and at its Middlesbrough supercentre, and will deliver pipework and pumps throughout the UK. They will be used by teams installing pipework on sites, and around Selwood’s branch network for large projects and depot stock deliveries.

The trucks were specified with the GigaSpace cab, which provides enough room for the driver to stand in, and has home comforts including a bed, television, microwave and refrigerator.

They also have the renowned Mercedes ABA5 autonomous braking system with other safety features such as lane keeping assist, attention assist, and traffic sign assist, and are fitted with multi-camera CCTV recording systems to help eliminate blind spots. A MOIS camera alert system is installed to comply with the new requirements of the Direct Vision Standard that come into force in October this year.

The cranes fitted are Hiab 418-EP5 HiDuo, with a Groenevelt 811-2000 tube grapple with hydraulic rotator, boom storage and lifting eyes. They are capable of lifting Selwood’s heaviest pipes up to a distance of 10m and lighter equipment up to 2,220kg at 15m, and have over cab protection to prevent any accidental collisions of the arm with the cab.