Pump pre-start

Pre-start procedure for Selwood surface pumps

1. Pump positioning

Place pump as close to suction point as safe to do so.

2. Check seals

Check all ‘O’ rings are undamaged and securely in the hose.

3. Connect hose

Connect suction hose to pump. ONLY use the flexible Wire Armoured hose on the suction side.

4. Connect strainer

Connect strainer to final suction hose and make sure strainer is fully submerged.

5. Connect discharge

Connect discharge hose, again checking ‘O’ rings are present and undamaged. Both Rigid and Wire Armoured can be used on the discharge.

6. Connect floats

If using pump on floats, connect floats here. Pump will run on for 10mins after low float turns off to ensure battery remains charged.

7. Connect fuel cube

If using a fuel cube, connect the two hoses and turn on lever inside the pump engine compartment.

8. Check tap

Final check on tap is closed, battery isolator etc.

9. Start pump

Start pump in MANUAL, or if using floats, AUTO. Instructions may be shown on the control panel.

Download pdf.