EDF Energy is building two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C in Somerset – the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations that will together produce low-carbon electricity for around 6 million UK homes.

Hinkley Point C is vital in the fight against climate change and ensuring energy security, but it also proves that the transition to net-zero can also deliver huge social and economic benefits, changing lives and communities for the better.

The multi-billion-pound project is being delivered by several teams working together – a total of 22,000 people are working on the scheme.

Selwood’s pump rental solutions specialists were first involved in the project during its foundation stages, providing a dewatering solution for the excavation of the heat-sink, the huge area designed to contain the cooling water infrastructure and pump house for each of the reactors.

Selwood’s teams then remained on site with an expanded remit as a major supplier of pumps, pumping equipment and solutions throughout the site. For this, Selwood works in close collaboration with Turnbull, part of the YTL Group.

Turnbull was established specifically to provide a sustainable end-to-end solution for large scale engineering projects and was initially contracted for the site-wide operation and maintenance of utilities, including the potable water network, waste water, electricity and fibre optic cables.

Its teams are now delivering a range of construction properties across the site, including a £26m ground remediation project, an on-site fuelling station and a huge reception and entrance area.

For all of the projects it is delivering, Selwood is Turnbull’s go-to supplier for water handling. This includes support for a water treatment and surface water attenuation, to be treated in accordance with Environmental Agency requirements before being released into the water course.

Currently Turnbull is using or has access to more than 100 Selwood rental pumps, including diesel units and submersibles, and around 40 purchased from Selwood pump sales. Selwood has also supplied more than 70km of pipework in support of Turnbull’s operations.

Central to the relationship is the strong communication between the Turnbull and Selwood teams. Selwood’s team is overseen by James (Jimmy) McKiver, Strategic Account Manager for Selwood, who initially lived on campus at Hinkley Point C for 18 months and now ensures a team member is always present on site. 

This is especially helpful to Turnbull as it negotiates the numerous logistical challenges of working on a large-scale nuclear-regulated project with numerous projects being delivered at the same time, often working in condensed work areas.

Kyle Maloney, Site Dewatering Manager for Turnbull, said: “We have other suppliers but what sets Selwood apart from the rest is the quality of service. It’s not just about getting a product – we have the background service from Selwood and there is somebody here who we can always call on for support or recommendations.

“Jimmy and the on-site engineers have effectively become part of our team, which makes a massive difference on this site because we can call on them for their skillset, advice and quick turnaround on parts and equipment exactly when we need them.”

Turnbull has benefited from Selwood’s position as the UK’s leading UK pump rental solutions provider, including access to a vast knowledge base as well as the company’s full range of products manufactured by Selwood in the UK.

Hinkley Point C is a textbook example of Selwood’s close collaborative relationships with partners, delivering technical solutions that are exceptional in their planning and delivery by knowledgeable, expert teams working round the clock.

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