Meet Tyler, Apprentice Electrical Engineer

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week (February 5-11) we’re sharing insights into some of our apprenticeship roles at Selwood.

Here, we sat down with Tyler to find out why he chose the apprenticeship route and what he enjoys about his role as Apprentice Electrical Engineer.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

“I’ve always enjoyed science and DIY but didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I left school. I started an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Diploma at Barton Peveril College but found it was too maths and exam focused for me. I wanted to do something more hands-on, so researched apprenticeships at Eastleigh College.

“I began a domestic electrical apprenticeship with a self-employed electrician, but quickly discovered it wasn’t for me – industrial was the way to go.

“When I came to Selwood, I knew immediately it was the right choice. Not only are the team great to work with but the work itself is fun and varied.”

How do your studies work alongside the apprenticeship?

“My Level 3 Electrical Engineering course will take three years to complete, and I have been at Selwood for four months so far.

“I work Mondays to Thursdays at the Chandler’s Ford depot and go to Eastleigh College on Fridays to do ‘direct studies’. At college, we are working on an electrical project for a hotel, which is exciting. I can see how the skills and knowledge I’m learning at Selwood are helping me at college and vice versa.”

What skills are you learning?

“I’m buddied up with an Electrician who is like my mentor, and I work closely with the Electrical Supervisor and the Southern Electrical Manager. It’s a really great team – I feel comfortable asking for help if I need it.

“As well as engineering and electrical skills, I’m learning how important it is to have a good work ethic, come in with the right attitude and get things done safely.  

“I take pride in how things are presented, as the better the work looks, the more work you get!  For example, today my mentor and I have been on a deinstallation job with a team from Bristol. I make sure cables are tidied, everything is turned off and the working environment is safe.”

“There is still some maths to do, such as R1, R2, ZE and ZS calculations, but I’ve got the hang of it now and it’s become second nature!”

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

“Yes. I wish I had someone come to school and talk to us about apprenticeships, as I would have started this sooner. Looking back, I went to college the first time because it felt like the right thing to do.

“I’m glad I ended up on the right path. I hope to continue working at Selwood after my apprenticeship comes to an end as it really is a great place to work. Eventually, I’d love to end up working in Australia!”

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