A day in the life... with Vicky Wood, Hire Controller

“We’re the hub of the depot” says Vicky Wood, Hire Controller at Selwood.

“It’s a people focused role. We’re organising everyone from the drivers to fitters and customers and looking after the logistics of a project.”

For this reason, no day is the same for a Hire Controller, something Vicky loves most about her role.

“Each day is different, which brings a fresh challenge. On a typical day, the phone will ring, an email will come in or someone will walk through the depot door and request equipment.

“Sometimes the customer will know what they require but often this is not the case, and we need to provide guidance and advice. Then it’s my job to pull a quote together. When the customer has accepted that quote, it’s all systems go to source the kit.

“For complex jobs, we might need to source equipment from around the group, all over the country. This can be challenging at times, but we always get there and work as one team to make it happen.

“Anything can change during this time and an emergency may come in – it’s a logistical juggling act. But somehow, everyone pulls together and we’re ready to go by magic!”

When Vicky’s not managing the logistics of a job, she’s raising purchase orders, paying invoices and doing other paperwork related to customer contracts.  

Pumps in action

The role of a Hire Controller is predominantly office based, but Vicky looks forward to getting out to site when she can.

“We’ve got a fantastic sales team and they take me to site to see the equipment in action. The more I can understand the products, and how the team works, the more I can provide to the customers.

“We talk a lot to customers on the phone or by email but getting to go down and meet them in person is really important. It’s that extra level of customer service – I like to say we didn’t meet their expectation, we smashed it!”

The exceptional team

Prior to joining Selwood, Vicky worked as a Depot Manager and Territory Sales Manager in the tool hire sector. She also has experience as a Teaching Assistant.

“I have been here one year and am enjoying learning everything I can about the way things are run at Selwood, the products and equipment. People think it’s strange, but I love a Monday and hate a Friday as I miss my job on the weekend!”

“It’s like a family here – everyone is helpful and approachable. I have built some great relationships and could pick up the phone to ask anyone for help. I’m proud to work here and have Selwood on my badge.”

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