A day in the life... with Tracy Bebb, Hire Manager

November 18th 2022

“When a customer phones or sends a letter to say thank you, it makes the challenges all worthwhile! That’s the bit I enjoy most,” says Tracy Bebb, Hire Manager at Selwood.

Tracy works alongside the busy and dedicated team at Selwood’s Saltash branch.

“When a hire enquiry comes in, by phone or email, I will log this into our daybook, so we can keep track of all parts of a hire. All depots have access to this so we can cover if teams are busy or away.

“The daybook helps us to organise the logistics of a hire. For example, arranging transport of equipment, collections and deliveries. We try to make sure lorries are in the same area at the same time, so it makes better use of the drivers’ time and we can get things done quickly for the customer.

“Not only do we supply our customers with pumps, but we also offer a range of ancillaries which are available for hire should the customer require them. This helps us to ensure we are able to provide an ongoing solution tailored to their specific application and remain on hand for the entire duration of the works. For example, today one of our customers needed a lay flat hose, so I sent them the prices and raised the capex (capital expenditure request) on the system.”

From fleet and fitting stock checks, to resolving customer queries and those across Selwood’s teams, the Hire Manager role is all encompassing. It’s central to the success of the business and delivering exceptional customer service.  

“One of the great things about working for Selwood is everyone does a bit of everything, no matter their role. There are no egos in the business, everyone is happy to get stuck in and help each other.”

Tracy’s role is typically office based but she looks forward to going out into the yard or on site.

“I do request to go out (to site) as I often speak to people and build a relationship with them but never get to meet them. If a customer is telling you where they want something delivered, it’s good to go out to site and see it first-hand. It’s also nice to put a face to a name.”

Callouts are part of the job!

“I’m part of a call out rota helping to provide continuous support for our customers no matter the time of day, as you never know when an emergency is going to come up! That’s another part of the service we provide at Selwood, being 365 days, 24/7 business, we are on hand to help all hours.

“I’ve supported the team with many emergency jobs. When you successfully complete jobs like this, it makes the extra work you put in worthwhile.”