A day in the life... with Megan Lilley, Client Services Manager

January 18th 2024

“I love speaking to different people and getting to know everyone at Selwood. I’ve got a lot of exposure to other areas of the business which is great” says Megan Lilley, Client Services Manager.

“I’ve been at Selwood three years now, but it’s important to me to get out to the depots when I can and learn more about the business. Everyone here is so approachable and always willing to help!

This year, Megan has been promoted into the role of Client Services Manager, “I’m very career focused so to me it was important to find a business where I could progress and stay with for a long time. I did some research on Selwood and it appeared to be a great place to work, and that’s exactly what I’ve found.”

Based in Middlesbrough, Megan plays a key role in supporting framework customers including Scottish Water, Yorkshire Water and Northumbrian Water. She is also managing the single point contact team who deal with larger national customers.

“My team and I play a vital role in responding to queries from our national accounts. This could be hire enquiries, invoices, other times it might be more technical questions. We will always try to find a solution, but know the support is there to pass over a query to another team if needed.”

Reporting progress

“At the beginning of the month, I produce various hire reports and financial reports – it’s a lot of spreadsheets! For the second half of the month, I’m working on KPI reports for our major frameworks.

“Sometimes, the customer requires an analysis of delivery and collection, for example, how quickly do we respond to a job? Others require a bit more information and investigation. In this case, I’ll speak to the depots, utilise the hire systems, and review day books. If there was a breakdown, I need to find out the route cause to help implement preventative measures in the future. There are a lot of background investigations that go on!”

Customer service excellence

Making site visits is something Megan enjoys when the opportunity arises, helping to build and maintain relationships that Selwood has with its customers.

“Once a quarter I travel to Scotland for a few days to meet with Scottish Water. We’ll run through the account, discuss how we’re doing, the areas they are happy with and what could be improved. We’ll go through KPI’s, financials and look at how we can streamline processes for them. We also look at planning for the next six to 12 months and discuss any projects we might be starting.

“I also provide support to our account managers; I attend regular meetings with our dedicated accounts and provide detailed reports where needed. Getting exposure to this side of the business is one of my favourite parts of the job!”

“It’s an exciting time to work at Selwood with the growth we are seeing. I’ve now been given the opportunity to expand the team in Middlesbrough, which will give us more resource to increase the business coming through Client Services!”

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