A day in the life... with Kerry Stevens-Clow, Production Team Leader

July 12th 2023

“I start my day early to make sure my team are ready to work and have all the kit they need” says Kerry Stevens-Clow, Production Team Leader.

“There is such a high demand for pumps at the moment that the team are working at full steam to get them out the door as quick as we can. My day is nonstop, but I love the work!”

“It’s hard to plan meetings because I’m always on my feet, going from place to place. My main responsibility is to make sure the production team can work efficiently, all the paperwork is completed, and when pumps are finished in production the quality is matched to Selwood’s high standards.”

“I work closely with Pump Sales, ensuring we’ve got the resources they need available. We’re also production planning before the manufacturing process begins and working with the quality department, to get finished pumps through testing, and inspection.”

Pump production and processes

Originally from New Zealand, Kerry has 33 years’ experience in the construction industry. He moved to the UK four and a half years ago and has been employed at Selwood for three and a half years.

Since joining the team, Kerry has played a key role in developing internal processes to ensure the production team’s way of working is more efficient.

“I oversee all the processes and paperwork that is involved with pump production. We’re trying to migrate this over to our in-house asset management system so we will become virtually paperless as a department.

“We’ve completely restructured our workshop, adding in an electrical bay and updated our finishing department. These new elements are streamlining the production process and making it more efficient.”

“We’ve currently got a large order to fulfil for 54 pumps for one customer. We built 16 of them before Christmas and we’ve got 38 left to build. So that's currently a big focus for us. As a Team Leader, I still get involved with the guys and help them as needed. At Selwood we work as a team and will help each other out in order to get things done.

“Selwood is great company to work for – it’s one of the reasons why I enjoy coming to work every day.”

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