A day in the life... with Becki Pittman, Solutions Coordinator

“I’m always learning at Selwood, from every project I work on” says Becki Pittman, Solutions Coordinator at Selwood.

As a Solutions Coordinator, Becki’s role is to provide project support to the Special Projects and Solutions Director, the solutions and installations teams.

“Day to day I could be helping to plan projects, contract reporting for customers or ordering equipment from suppliers.

“For larger, more complex projects, I’ll work with the Applications Support Managers and Operations Managers to book transport and make sure there are load plans in place so that everything is delivered on time and in the right order for the install teams.”

Planning and pre-start meetings

On a typical day Becki is making sure every detail of a solutions project is considered and accounted for.

“We use Microsoft Projects to make a timeline of what needs to be completed and by when. If a delay occurs for any reason, such as we are using a crane but it’s too windy to operate as planned, I can then update it on the system and the project plan will shift automatically. This gives the Solutions Managers time to let the customer know there has been a delay and makes sure everyone knows what we are up to.”

In addition to planning, Becki helps to chair pre-start meetings, something all departments get involved with before any project. It enables the team to meet face-to-face and provides the opportunity to clarify all aspects of the works before they go ahead.  

“I get involved with pre-start meetings for projects where the installation is running for three days or longer” says Becki. “All the departments come together and run through the project, from start to finish.”

“We make sure any pre-project documentation, such as RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statements) and site surveys are done and correct. I will speak to the depots and get confirmation that the kit is ready and what the delivery schedule looks like.

“Pre-start meetings also give us the time to ask any questions and answer questions from the depot or install teams. We’ll make sure everything is covered before the project starts.

“A challenge occurred on a recent project when pipework had to be flown in via helicopter because the site area was so remote, and the roads were too narrow for vehicles. The pre-start meeting and planning for this project helped ensure our timing was right.

“Of course sometimes when we arrive on site, conditions and requirements can change meaning we have to quickly adjust or adapt our plans, but these meetings are a crucial part in ensuring the success of a project.”

Team Selwood

Becki joined team Selwood in 2015 and has been in the role of Solutions Coordinator since July 2021.

“I will be doing some install training soon to understand how they (install teams) do the installs on-site, what is required from those on-site and how I can help with that. At the moment, I help to book the installs and do the pre-start meetings, but I’ve never seen the kit being installed. It will be exciting and an opportunity for me to learn more and develop in my role.

“I’ve worked in a few places, prior to joining Selwood, and here we have a lot of good people! Selwood looks after you – if you need support or like me, want to learn more about another area of the business, you can!”

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