How superior training makes our teams exceptional

30th November 2021

The exceptional people who work at Selwood are the reason for our success locally, regionally and globally.

Our commitment to training and development is a key part of this – not just onboarding people thoroughly when they join us, but also supporting them as they grow and progress as part of Team Selwood.

From health and safety to product knowledge to learning about our commitment to environmental responsibility through the Supply Chain Sustainability School, team members are nurtured every step of the way.

This, in turn, ensures our customers benefit from high-quality products and solutions that are right for them.

Al Price, Regional Account Manager based at our London branch, experienced the difference first hand after moving to Selwood from a competitor.

He says: “I was with my previous company for three years, and within two weeks of being at Selwood I’d done more training than I ever did in my old role. It was all so straightforward – from the initial onboarding with HR to training in manual handling, health and safety and products, I was so impressed.”

Al is in no doubt that the training he has received at Selwood has a direct benefit to customers. “The product training here is superior to anything I’ve experienced in my 30 years in the industry,” he says.

“In my previous job, if a customer asked us for a six-inch pump, that’s what we would have given them. Here we’re taught to do a survey, speak to the customer about exactly what they want the pump for, and make sure they get the right product or solution first time.”

Crucial to Al’s experience and the service he can provide is being given the right tools for the job. For example, the use of ShowPad, which enables Selwood’s teams to quickly and easily share information with customers about Selwood’s range of products and services, makes helping customers easy.

“It’s so simple and user-friendly for customers, as it’s easy to show them what you are recommending. At my other company, I was given no sales tools at all – at Selwood it’s all about being prepared, well trained and equipped to deliver the very best for our customers.”

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