A day in the life... with Scott Houghton, Trainee Installations Supervisor

3rd May 2022

Scott Houghton has only recently been promoted to Trainee Installations Supervisor, but has gained a wealth of experience in his 5 years at Selwood.

“Day to day, I’m normally out on site. It’s very rare I’m in the yard (at Chandlers Ford), unless I need PPE or need to get spare nuts and bolts.

“If I’m attending a new job, we arrive at the site and get the brief from the senior team. So that I already have some knowledge of what I’m going to, I bring the RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) with me to the job, which identifies the steps we need to follow to undertake the work safely.

“From this I need to brief whoever is working on the job with me, which could be an operative, crane driver, crane slinger and electrician, so we are all aware of what is going to happen and any risk assessments involved.”

Depending on location and weather, Scott could be working with all kinds of substances from sludge to wastewater.

“There have a been a couple of projects recently where I have worked with clean water. This is a whole different kettle of fish and requires you to have a Water Hygiene Card. We also need to have our tools and boots cleaned and brand new clothes to work on any clean water project.”

Scott is on a daily rota for emergency jobs, but this is usually done by the callouts team and he will support them where needed.

Installation challenges

If there is a complication while on site, Scott says this a “challenging part of the job role”.

“If something happens and we don’t have a CAD drawing for it, we’ve got to assess and plan the job there and then. It’s like lego – you’ve got all the bits and pieces but no instructions to build it!”

Despite this, Scott has the knowledge and experience to tackle most challenges that come his way.

“I’ve done advanced installation in-house training with Dallas Churcher, the Special Projects and Solutions Director and Luke Sissons, the National Installations Manager. I’ve also completed a lot of courses in my field, such as CSCS, confined spaces, first aid at work and the CPCS slinger/signaller course – the hardest I’ve done yet!

“I’m working my way up to Installations Supervisor, with my Triple STS and IOSH training still to do. This company is great for career progression”.

Scott works with his brother on a daily basis, who is an Installation Operative at Selwood and part of his role as a supervisor involves on the job training and supporting his team. Although he’s now in a leadership role, Scott is still grateful for the guidance he receives from his own supervisors.

“I get lots of support from my senior team, they always ask how I’m doing or if I have any problems. Normally if there is a complication on site and I know someone else will know the answer, one of them is always at the other end of the phone and can help”.

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