Selwood S160Eco

Selwood, the UK’s leading pump rental solutions provider, has unveiled its new S160Eco solids handling pump which delivers increased performance and near-silent operation from an environmentally-friendly engine.

The S160Eco was developed by Selwood to complement its market-leading S range of solids handling pumps, in response to market demand for a unit that reduces emissions without sacrificing performance.

The S160Eco, housed in Selwood’s renowned Super Silent canopies, is the quietest pump on the market as tested against EU directive 2000/14/EC and is designed to meet stringent EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations.

The S160Eco utilises Selprime technology for fast, environmentally-friendly priming. Driven by an Isuzu diesel engine, the six-inch S160Eco is offered as an upgrade over Selwood’s current S150 model, offering a 28.5% increase in pressure, resulting in an extra 5m head.

Chris Garrett, CEO of Selwood, said: “Customers are increasingly seeking to reduce emissions, and ever more stringent regulations make it paramount that Selwood remains at the forefront of environmentally-friendly technology.

“It is also important to us that customers achieve this without sacrificing performance. Our engineers have developed the S160Eco specifically in response to these demands – and it is a credit to them that they have produced a unit that meets emissions demands and offers improved performance when compared to our benchmark S150 model.

“Our customers expect quality, performance and innovation, and we are very proud of this new addition which offers more choice from Selwood’s market-leading solids handling range.”

The S160Eco is suitable for a full range of sewage, sewer bypass, overpumping, water and wastewater applications and is designed to handle large solids including raw sewage and fibrous solids without blocking.

The pump is built into an improved canopy with removable panel sections for ease of maintenance. The emissions compliance ensures the S160Eco can be used in inner cities where the most stringent regulations apply.