Water companies require non-interruption of services via seamless operation to keep the flow flowing, when vital repairs are necessary.

That’s where solutions expertise and industry understanding of 24/7 requirements for vital resources allowed Selwood to step in, by providing a temporary pumping station for a collapsing mains which was being replaced by Thames Water.

Working in partnership with Morrisons Utility Services & Galliford Try (MGjv), a joint venture awarding meter installation activities across the Thames Water area, Selwood drew on both product knowledge and industry understanding to construct a temporary pumping station.

This solution involved setting up two 33,000 litre tanks capable of providing 66,000 litres of storage for around two minutes before flooding.

To achieve a failsafe solution, both tanks – and a third overpump system – were powered by a 250KVA generator which was delivered to the site with an AMF panel to start the backup generator in case of any failure by the duty one.

Once operational, the installation allowed for the swift replacement of the collapsed pipe, with no notable effect on water flow to customers.

Teamwork and the connection to an established joint venture partner allowed Selwood to go with the flow whilst making sure end users did not experience any disruption.

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