Consistent and seamless operation is essential to water companies, which means any potential problems must be dealt with as soon as they are spotted. 

This was the case when Selwood pump rental specialists were called upon by Netheridge Sewage Treatment Works in Gloucester, a site run by Severn Trent Water, a framework customer.

The programme manager from Severn Trent contacted Selwood on a Friday to say that he needed a backup pumping system to increase resilience of the on-site pumps.

This meant there was an urgent need to put a plan into action quickly to install a replacement system over the weekend, ensuring that it was up and running by the Monday morning.

It was quickly decided that a hybrid system using three Selwood submersible pumps discharging through 300mm steel pipework would be the best solution.

Selwood’s team then moved quickly, sourcing all the equipment needed for the job from the company’s branches in Bristol and Bedford.

A generator was delivered to the site to power the pumps and a telehandler needed to assist in the installation of the system was sourced from Selwood’s plant hire division.

This swift planning and action meant everything was in place in order for the installation to begin on the Saturday morning.

By 8.30pm on the Saturday night, the overpumping setup had been set up and tested and was confirmed as operational.

The whole job was scoped, sourced, set up and completed within around 24 hours, at the start of what has become Selwood’s strong relationship with Severn Trent Water.

Thanks to teamwork and rapid response impressing the customer, Selwood pumps are now a familiar site on the Netheridge site, as are our pump rental teams who regularly visit to ensure the continued smooth running of the systems.