Leading pump solutions provider Selwood has introduced a new unit to its renowned solids handling range that is ideal for recycled aggregate, construction and quarrying applications.

The S150M Electric is a modified version of Selwood’s best-selling S150M diesel and features a highly-efficient, environmentally-friendly 110Kw electric motor.

The new model provided the ideal solution for Mid Hants, a leading supplier of high-quality graded sand, gravel, and crushed rock products for the construction and agricultural markets. Operating from a network of strategically located quarries throughout the UK, the Hampshire-based company required a reliable pump to meet the design of a new wash plant installation, with flows of 500m3/h at 5bar pressure for sand washing. The wash plant prepares sand for the purposes of bedding for cattle in the farming sector.

Selwood specialists carried out a detailed on-site assessment to determine the best pump for the operation and the S150M, with its medium-head capabilities, was chosen. A demonstration of the S150M diesel was carried out at 500m3/h @5bar and the tests were successful.

Solids handling pump aggregate company

Following discussions, Mid Hants opted to purchase the variant S150M unit, due to having electrical power supply on site and wanting to house the pump in a secure container.

The Selwood team carried out a full on-site installation and the S150M 110Kw electric motor design controlled by a variable speed drive control system provided the same characteristics as the diesel powered unit of 500m3/h @ 5bar.  This allowed Mid Hants to increase and decrease the flow as required.

Following the success of the S150M electric, there is now a requirement for additional pumps, including the S200 to feed the main lagoon to the S150M Electric to supply water for the plant. A Selwood D150 Drainer pump is also required to take drainage water from the sand, as well as supplying the mains water to the lagoon.

Paul Mann, Director of UK and European Business Development at Selwood Pump Sales, said: “We’re delighted to introduce this new model to our range, building on our strengths and those of our distributor network in solids handling technology.

“Customers in the construction and aggregates industry are increasingly seeking to reduce emissions and comply with even more stringent regulations. The S150M Electric has been developed in response to this demand for emission compliance without sacrificing the high performance our customers are accustomed to. It perfectly complements our S150M diesel version, which has proven to be very popular across the world because of its versatility in medium-head pumping.

“Mid Hants is one of the first of our customers to apply the S150M Electric and we are pleased that this pump provided the perfect solution for them.”

Selwood’s specialists are currently developing the S150M Electric Super Silent, which will feature the company’s world-leading sound attenuation technology.

The S150M Electric is ideal for both contractors and rental companies. It can achieve flow rates of up to 700m3/h and total heads of 70 metres with solids handlings of 76mm. It has excellent suction performance (NPSHr) and a best efficiency point of 68% at 2000rpm (450 m3/h at 51m head BEP), as well as class-leading fuel consumption from the latest CAT C4.4 diesel engine. Internal wear parts are supplied in stainless steel 316 as standard, providing superb abrasion and corrosion resistance.

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