Selwood provided the ideal overpumping solution during a major flood defence infrastructure upgrade in a sensitive location.

The S150 Super Silent electric, one of a range of electric solids handling pumps from Selwood, provided a robust solution for Wessex Water that minimised risk to the environment and prevented disruption to the local community.

The application came as Wessex Water’s engineering and construction department was tasked to make improvements to a number of sewage pumping stations as part of the Brent Knoll flood relief scheme.

The scheme included the refurbishment and modification of a sewage pumping station to relieve flooding issues experienced in the village.

The refurbishment of the pumping station was being done to replace the existing 50-year-old infrastructure in order to provide increased flows and robustness. The wet well had to have benching replaced that required isolating for the anticipated duration of the works. In addition, the motor control centre was also being upgraded, preventing the use of a existing mains supply. It was agreed that overpumping would be required to keep the sewage pumping station operating without causing any impact to the local community.

Due to the proximity of water courses, traditional diesel driven pumping options were ruled out. Traditional electric submersible pumps were also not suitable for the application because of lack of room in the wet well.

As the pumping station is in close proximity to residents’ houses nearby, Wessex Water wanted a quiet solution.

The project required a fully automated duty/standby overpumping arrangement backed up with remote telemetry which could match the pumping duty required.

To meet this requirement Selwood delivered and installed two S150 Super Silent electrically driven pumps. The S150 Super Silent pump can provide;

  • 100mm solids handling,
  • 310m3/h capacity
  • 27m total head.
  • Variable speed drive to ensure the perfect balance between efficiency and performance depending on the application.
  • Suitable for multiple uses including water and wastewater, sewage and sewer bypass and overpumping.

The system was controlled by ultrasonic transducer head and variable speed control panels which adjusted the pump speed to match incoming flows

Phil Ingleheart, Selwood framework manager, said: “By using these end suction pumps which are even quieter than their industry recognised Super Silent diesel units, Wessex Water saved time and money from having to demolish and rebuild a manhole large enough for traditional submersible pumps.

“The entire control system was installed and programmed by Selwood’s in-house electricians. This meant the client only used the required amount of power and fuel to run the pumps.

“During low flows at night this protocol significantly reduced sound output to the benefit of the local residents, while the client saved money at the same time.

“There wasn’t a single noise complaint from a neighbour and this is testament to how smoothly this scheme ran.”

The site manager from Wessex Water added: “This was a really good system which was hassle free and backed up by automated telemetry.

“The provision of live information was very reassuring for everyone involved.”

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