The Background

Cappagh Browne, an operational partner for Southern Water, needed an overpumping installation to divert flows while it carried out relining works on underground pipes at a surface water pumping station in Southampton..

The Challenge

The location of the pumping station, on a busy industrial estate, posed a significant challenge due to the small size of the available indoor space in which to set up equipment. The solution needed to overcome these constraints while still coping with the flows from the pumping station.

The Selwood Solution

A site assessment quickly ruled out the use of diesel-driven pumps for this application, due to the proximity of the site to business premises and the confined space.

The demands of the site requited the two pumps to exit through a rear door of the building via two 300mm steel flanged pipes. They then joined a 500mm manifold which ran 370m through a neighbouring business premises before connecting back into the underground pipework.

Selwood’s specialists devised a solution using two electric pumps powered by a 160 amp power supply. A power limit was set up for each unit and devices were fitted to dynamically adapt the flow rate according to demand. Remote telemetry provided the on-site team with valuable information on pump performance. These measures maximised the flow efficiency and electricity usage and removed the need for additional generators which would have taken up more space.

The Result

Selwood and Cappagh Browne worked closely on all aspects of the project, including health and safety, to complete the job seamlessly. The proximity of Selwood’s local branch, with pump specialists nearby and available on 24/7 emergency call-out, gave the client peace of mind.

The Feedback

Dallas Churcher, Project Manager for Selwood, said: “Selwood has a long-standing relationship with Southern Water and its partners, and we were pleased to be able to provide a reliable and robust solution for this overpumping application. The restricted space was a particular challenge for this project, and we worked closely with the client to overcome any difficulties. We had very good feedback from Cappagh Browne and look forward to working with them again in future.”

Download the case study here.