A highly-efficient solids handling pump from Selwood provided a fast and robust solution when a large construction site in Portugal ground to a halt due to flooding.

Luís Frazão, which specialises in major construction and public works projects, faced a challenge when a construction site was affected by heavy rain. After a week of intense rainfall, part of the site was completely flooded and under several inches of water, causing work to stop. The company, with a proven track record in the Portuguese market, needed a swift and reliable dewatering solution to remove the water and get work started again.

The team at Luís Frazão made contact with Perta, which is based in Lisbon and is a provider of quality rental equipment to the construction and water sectors. Perta is a long-standing distributor partner of Selwood and, following discussions with the client and their requirements, the team concluded that the S150 solids handling pump would be the best unit for the rental application.

The S150, designed and manufactured by Selwood at its UK headquarters in Hampshire, features significant capabilities for removing water and water with particles in suspension.

The model runs at 1800rpm and offers a 26.7% increase in total head over previous versions, with improved build quality and sound attenuation. The pump was supplied for this application in Selwood’s Super Silent canopy, which minimised any noise and was a key requirement of the client given its urban location. The model contained the Isuzu 4LE2X diesel engine, which has been designed in accordance with the EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations and is ideal for inner cities where the most stringent regulations apply.

The S150 was installed on-site and removed water from the flooded area, pumping it into the river nearby.

Paul Mann, Director of UK and European Business Development at Selwood, said: “This particular job demanded a very fast solution. Downtime causes frustrating delays and has the potential to have a cost impact in the construction industry, so it was important that the project could get back up and running again.

“We were pleased that our S150 pump, supplied through our trusted distributor Perta, was able to provide the ideal solution.

“The team at Luís Frazão were very happy with the fast response and installation of the pump in an almost emergency situation.

“We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Perta and building on the strengths of our expanding distributor network across Europe.”

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