At Selwood, we pride ourselves on being exceptional. Our exceptional pumps are produced by an exceptional team of people, and we work hard to provide exceptional service and solutions for all our customers. We know that when you decide to invest in a Selwood pump that it’s the start of a journey together.

  • Original equipment manufacturer with a rich history in designing, manufacturing and using Selwood pumps.
  • Best tool for the job – robust and reliable products tested by the rigours of rental
  • Designed, manufactured and used by Selwood. We use our pumps ourselves – every day – in the most exhausting of environments.
  • Service and advice to help you maximise your pump's use and value.
  • Peace of mind - we’ve got your back.
  • Deliver higher return on your investment.
  • A highly trained, experienced and committed team here to help you.

Design & Consultancy

As the UK's leader in pumping solutions, we have expertise in designing and delivering a range of solutions - from straightforward tasks to some of the UK's most complex projects.

Installations & Commissioning

If you want our help ins planning or installing a pumping solution, we're here for you. Our experienced teams can help with installation, provide expertise and help you deliver within a timescale to meet your needs.

Rental & Onsite Services

When you rent from Selwood, it's not just about the pump. Our expert teams can help with on-site design, installation and maintenance of your pumping solution. And if there's a problem, we're on call 24/7, 365 days a year to solve it.

Onsite Services

Our experienced team can become part of yours. We're often retained by customers to remain onsite for support and maintenance after installing a solution. We can supply as many people as you need, for as long as you need them, to see your project through to the end.


Monitoring & Supervision

Many projects need an expert eye to make sure everything's running as it should and to troubleshoot any problems. Our teams can be on hand as much or as little as you need them, and our SelWatch remote monitoring technology can keep you informed.

Inspection & Auditing

Our highly-trained specialists are obsessive about details. When it comes to health and safety, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your solution, they are here to inspect, audit and advise.

Plant Operation & Maintenance

As well as being the leading pump rental solutions company in the UK, Selwood is a renowned supplier of quality plant for hire. We can supply operators of machinery, or help with specialist maintenance and repair of your own equipment.

Maintenance Contracts

We understand pumps and pumping equipment better than anyone. Talk to us about how we can keep yours in first-class condition with a regular maintenance contract that keeps helps minimise repair costs and keeps your kit running as efficiently as possible.


Parts & Logistics

Our teams in Selwood's nationwide network of branches have access to a huge stock of spares, accessories and ancillary equipment, ensuring our customers are able to get their hands on whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Repair & Maintenance

Selwood specialists are on hand to ensure every piece of equipment you rent or buy from us is kept in excellent working order throughout its lifetime. If things do go wrong, we're on hand to carry out speedy repairs to get you up and running with the minimum of downtime.

Training Support

Our experts love to share their knowledge! When you buy or rent a product from us, we'll make sure your people know everything they need to about operating, monitoring and maintaining the equipment. Video guides and other resources are are part of the package.

Asset Refurbishment

Effective management, monitoring and maintenance of your assets can have significant cost benefits. Our skilled engineers are experts in refurbishment and upgrades of water and wastewater equipment to ensure cost-effective operation and minimal downtime.