Our Pump Rental experts were tasked to overpump a culvert and discharge to a point nearly 400 metres away by The Lanes Group, on a site in Caerphilly, enabling them to carry out a relining job.

The challenging conditions meant that the pumping system needed to be highly reliable and robust, given that the pipework would have to go across a main road, along a footpath and into a public park. No chances could be taken – if something went wrong while the culvert’s 200m UV liner was being cured, it would have been a disastrous and expensive affair. This high profile job was the longest UV liner that the Lanes Group had attempted in the UK and Selwood made the perfect partner.

Our Bridgend team visited and carried out a site survey, recommending that four D200 Super Silent diesel pumps could cope with the flow that the 750mm underground culvert would usually take. The delivery pipework was to be put through four Selwood road-ramps, crossing the main road and continuing for approximately 400m to two separate discharge manholes.

We delivered the equipment in stages to the site compound, working closely with the customer to meet their requirements and offer ongoing advice. Once installation was complete, our team tested the pumps just before work commenced to install the UV liner, remaining on site to ensure the operation began smoothly and safely.

A 10-ton winch was placed at the manhole entry and the liner subsequently pulled 200 meters through the culvert. The pumps had efficiently taken over the flow of water through the culvert, allowing safe and dry conditions for the workmen. The liner was then cured overnight and the pumps were switched off, allowing the water to flow into the newly lined culvert. The whole job took around two and a half weeks.

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