Prepare your flood pumps for storm season

5th August 2021

Are you ready for storm season? Now’s the time to get your pumps prepared

Today, more frequent and stronger storms are having a larger impact on the communities we live in.

Extreme weather has been in the headlines recently as the Met Office warns Britain to brace itself for record-breaking rainfalls over the next 20 years.

And it's not just the UK that will be affected – scientists are warning that extreme rainfall and flash flooding will wreak havoc around the world as global temperatures increased. Australia could be one of the worst affected, with predictions of strong tropical cyclones hitting the region over the next several years.

Whether we experience flooding from extended periods of high rainfall or a combination of high seasonal tides and storm surges breaching costal defences, the result is huge disruption and cost to both our communities and governments.

Selwood leading pump suppliers are here to help...

To enable you and your company to be able to respond to your customer’s flood pumping needs during the upcoming storm season, we are here to help.

Our flood pump specialists are available now to ensure you have the required number of pump sets to meet your customer’s needs. We are also ready to supply the spare parts and spare part kits required to guarantee that all your pumping assets are all in good working order and ready to pump.

Storm Season checklist

To aid in your contingency planning process we have listed a number of points which will help improve your readiness for the upcoming Storm Season.

1. Number of pumps

Do you have the correct number of pumps available to meet our customers needs based on what was needed during recent storm seasons?

Selwood customers can be assured of the quality, longevity and durability of each and every pump in our market-leading range, which includes solids handling, drainer, high head, hydraulic submersible, and positive displacement pumps.

2. Check your pumps

Have you checked your flood pumps to ensure they are all in good running order and up to date with their regular maintenance?

All of our pumps are easy to maintain, but should you need it, they can be repaired on site, giving you less downtime when it really matters. Their robust construction and dry running capability means they’re durable, reliable and cost less over their life cycle.

3. Speak to customers 

Have you spoken to your customers to ask if they have considered what pumps they need during the storm season or would like to have on standby?

Did you know that Selwood is one of the only UK companies to manufacture pumps for both sales and hire? Every pump we sell is designed by us to endure the rigours of rental, supported by decades of research, development and experience in the water, environmental and construction industries.

See our pump sales and pump rental range.

4. Spare parts kits

Do you have the required spare parts kits in stock needed to get the pumps back to working condition quickly if they fail during the storm season?

Genuine Selwood parts kits are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our pumps. They can boost performance, increase your pump’s lifespan, reduce downtime and give you peace of mind that you have spares to hand whenever needed.

Parts are available at any time from our headquarters in Southampton, branches and worldwide distributors.

5. Hoses and couplings

Do you have the required quantity of hoses and couplings to meet your customers’ needs?

In addition to providing our customers with an unrivalled selection of pumps, we also offer a full range of accessories to support all your pumping needs for Storm Season.

Our range of accessories includes hoses and couplings, drip trays, spill kits, fuel cubes with remote telemetry option, pedestrian and hose ramps, pipe stoppers, Selwood silt traps, settlement tanks and silt bags.

6. Fuel Cubes

Do you have the required number of Selwood bulk fuel cubes to ensure the pumps can run for extended periods?

Selwood fuel cubes are built to support 24/7 running, self-feeding and link to our real-time telemetry to help improve efficiency and manage environmental risk. Contact your local branch to find out more.

7. Fuel supply

Have you thought about an alternate supply of fuel if your normal supplier is unable to supply?

One thing you may consider is HVO fuel. Selwood pumps (stage IIIB and above) can now run on the diesel alternative HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel without compromising the performance of pumps. This reduces emissions by up to 90% with the same great performance.

8. Pipe ramps

Do you have the required number of temporary Selwood pedestrian pipe ramps to allow safe access over pipes and other trip hazards?

Ramps are designed to protect cables and hoses for pedestrians or for low-traffic areas where access is required. They minimise disruption when work is being carried out, along with low installation cost and are simple and easy to use.

Our knowledgeable team can advise you on the best type of hose ramp to suit your particular needs, so if you’re not sure which type of ramp, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Selwood branch


As always Selwood are always happy to help, whatever the weather.

To speak to one our experts about your flood pumping needs, contact our Pump Sales Office on 023 8025 0137 or email