Selwood is providing advice and robust pumping solutions to a major project by United Utilities

Selwood’s team of pump solution specialists are playing their part in one of the biggest and most complex water infrastructure projects in the North of England for many years.

Selwood is providing advice and robust pumping solutions to a major project by United Utilities to build a £300m pipeline to connect Thirlmere Reservoir to West Cumbria. The work aims to safeguard drinking water and protect wildlife because Ennerdale – which currently supplies drinking water to towns in West Cumbria – will have its abstraction licence withdrawn by the Environment Agency in 2022. The substantial 62-mile pipeline from Thirlmere and associated works is needed to secure water supplies for thousands of homes and businesses, as well as support protected species at Ennerdale. The six-year project will also involve a new water treatment works at Williamsgate, two underground service reservoirs and a pumping station.

Selwood has been working closely with the leading contractors on the project. Led by pump specialists at Selwood’s branch in Workington, the bespoke service has included technical on-site discussions and surveys to determine the optimum solutions.

World-leading Selwood diesel “D” drainer pumps and “S” solids handling pumps, precision-engineered for the rigours of rental, have been providing multiple pumping solutions across large distances as pipe has been laid or relined. Since the spring of 2017, 10 miles of pipe has been completed and up to 14 pumps have been in operation at any time. As the pace of work steps up a gear this year, up to 20 pumps may be needed to cope with the demands of the project.

The ‘D’ and ‘S’ pumps benefit from the following features:

  • High-efficiency centrifugal pumps designed for high-volume fluid transfer.
  • Emission-compliant engines to help protect the environment.
  • Ideal for use in applications with water – clean, with fine or larger solids.
  • Super Silent option offering the most up-to-date noise attenuation and ideal for use in semi-urban or environmentally-sensitive areas.
  • Built to the Selwood’s first-class standards for quality, reliability and durability.

With one of Selwood’s 21 UK branches being close to the project in Workington, Selwood has been able to quickly supply accessories needed for the project, including Selwood Silt Traps, Settlement Tanks, wire armoured hoses, and lay flat hoses. Contractors on site have benefited from Selwood’s maintenance services, backed by a genuine 24/7, 365 days-a-year emergency callout system. Selwood’s experts have also delivered toolbox training to those working on the project, with 50 contractor employees taking part in a recent session.

Abigail Southwell, pump rental specialist at Selwood’s branch in Stanley Street, Workington, said: “As one of the leading suppliers to the civil engineering and water sectors, we are delighted to be part of this significant infrastructure scheme in the North West. This is a highly complex project involving several different contractors and we are pleased to have been able to provide each one with robust and reliable solutions, along with our technical expertise.

“The project is still in its relative infancy, but we are pleased with what has been achieved in the first year and look forward to many more years of partnership working to tackle the challenges this scheme brings.”

Selwood represents the international benchmark in pumping solutions with its unique position as both a manufacturer of pumps and the number one pump rental provider in the UK.

Selwood’s 72-year heritage means every pump is backed by decades of research, development and experience in the water, environmental and construction industries.