The new Selwood S150 model, Isuzu 4LE2X diesel engine and has been designed in accordance with the EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations

We are delighted to launch a new addition to our market-leading range of S150 pumps, designed to offer improved performance while meeting stringent new emissions regulations.

The new version of the S150 solids-handling unit contains an Isuzu 4LE2X diesel engine and has been designed in accordance with the EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations and the EPA US Tier 4 Final Regulations, which apply to North America.

The S150, designed and manufactured at our UK manufacturing facility in Hampshire, is suitable for a full range of sewage, sewer bypass, over pumping, water and wastewater applications and is designed to handle raw sewage and fibrous solids without blocking.

The new model runs at 1800rpm and offers a 26.7% increase in total head over previous versions, with improved build quality and sound attenuation. The emissions compliance ensures the pump can be used in inner cities where the most stringent regulations apply.

The package has also been designed with ease of maintenance in mind, with doors fitted to the front to allow radiator access without removing the canopy, and at the rear to give fast and easy access to the separator assembly.

Further improvements include revised easier access of the servicing points and a canopy construction that allows replacement of individual panels.

Chris Garrett, CEO of Selwood, said: “This new package offers our customers increased performance in a pump that is accepted as the benchmark of its kind in the industry, while offering compliance with emissions regulations in the most stringent conditions, and complete ease of maintenance.”

The S150 with Isuzu 4LE2X, fitted with our renowned Selprime self-priming technology, can achieve flow rates of up to 320m3/h and total heads of 27 metres with solids handling of 100mm.

The S150 is proven as one of the stalwarts of our market-leading UK rental pump fleet, and is in operation around the world through the our extensive global distributor network.

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