Selwood flotation devices from Sulzer

Selwood, the UK’s leading pump rental solutions provider, has increased its submersible pump capability with an investment in flotation devices.

The significant investment adds a modular flotation system which increases Selwood’s capability to position submersibles and pipework across bodies of water such as lakes and lagoons.

The solution makes pumps visible and easy to identify on the water, is quick to assemble and disassemble, and can be set up flexibly to enable use with a range of pipeline lengths and pump weights from 160kg to 600kg.

Mark Bebbington, Group Technical Solutions Director at Selwood, said: “We are constantly reviewing and updating our market-leading fleet of rental pumps and accessories in line with customer demand.

“These flotation devices build on our ability to solve the challenges of our customers and deliver solutions that meet their needs efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Selwood is the leading pump rental solutions company in the UK, operating from a network of branches backed by a fleet of quality pump products and exceptional customer service. For more information about the Selwood’s pumping solutions visit