A Caruna Water Treatmend Works, Spain
We were asked by International Rental News to give our comment on the European rental market for their World Rental Report. Here you can find Mark Page’s view - our Managing Director of Pump Sales. 
“Selwood is a market leader in the development and manufacture of contractor’s pumps and renowned for quality and outstanding service.  We have seen a surge in demand for pump rental in the UK but this is also evident around the globe. As the market grows, Selwood, with its extensive and expanding pump range and a long established distributor network, significantly strengthens its presence worldwide.   
Contractors’ need for operational efficiencies increasingly drives them to choose rental as a more attractive option than capital purchase.  This works in tandem with Selwood’s pump sales business; the durability and longevity of its products – and the fact that they are designed with strong input from colleagues in the company’s pump rental division – make them ideally suited for the rental market. 
In the short term, Selwood has plans to expand in the next 12 months with a specific focus on France and Spain where there are many opportunities for growth, working with distributors DMTP in France – Selwood partners since 1998 – and ABIN in Spain, who’ve worked with us for more than 20 years.  The increased network across both countries plus new branches in the South of France and Madrid will allow increased national coverage in the pump rental market. 
DMTP’s new branch in Marseille has been a hive of activity thanks to the region’s high concentration of industrial, petro-chemical and infrastructure demand.  DMTP also recently opened a branch in Angers in western France and plans to relocate its current Paris branch to larger premises in early 2017. These developments are part of a strategic growth plan to provide a network of pump rental branches across France.
ABIN’s main office is based in A Coruna and the additional new branch opening soon in Arganda Del Rey, close to Madrid, is welcomed by its key customers where the majority of head offices are located.  Many of these customers already own Selwood pumps, creating a regular stream of service and repair works for ABIN. 
Both DMTP and ABIN have placed significant orders that include Selwood’s highly regarded Super Silent pumps, which are the quietest on the market, making them particularly suited to work in urban areas.
Selwood continues to invest heavily in its Super Silent range and offers its entire pump range for rent – either directly from its distributors’ own fleet or rapidly supplied from the UK fleet of more than 3,000 units.  Outside Europe, Selwood continue to drive rental forward with strategic partners in major overseas markets, notably Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 
Continuing to expand our rental offering is a key element of Selwood’s strategy for the coming year –  and its position as one of the few British pump companies to design, manufacture, rent and sell its own range of surface diesel and hydraulic pumps is a major strength.
This year saw the launch of a new pump, the S150M, a medium head addition to Selwood’s solids handling range which is to be introduced for rental worldwide, allowing new pump applications to be targeted.
As the global pump rental market continues to develop Selwood relishes the opportunities and challenges of a very competitive market.” 
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