A day in the life... with Michael Lindley, Northern Technical Support Engineer

June 13 2024

“Although I am training others now, I’m still learning. The rewarding part of my role is I’m not only developing others but developing myself” says Michael Lindley, Northern Technical Support Engineer.

Before he joined Selwood, Michael worked as a mobile plant fitter. He recalls seeing the mobile engineer role advertised, coming for his interview, and as Michael says – “the rest is history!”

Michael covers nine branches in the North from Conwy to Aberdeen, training Selwood engineers and foremen and assisting branch managers with operations.  

He also provides onsite and remote support for technical queries, pump faults and emergencies, and “an arm around someone if they are struggling.”

For a man wearing many hats like Michael “one day in my life looks very different from the next. In an average week I’m always on the move, travelling between branches and sites. I have to juggle and prioritise my workload in this role, but I love it.”

Michael recently started attending exhibitions and shows, representing Selwood among other water and construction industry professionals. He doesn’t mind the travel as he “loves connecting with different people.”

Training and Investment

Michael has only been in the role of Technical Support Engineer for seven months but began his career at Selwood seven years ago. Since starting as a mobile engineer, Michael has been promoted to foreman, regional foreman and finally, his role of northern technical support engineer. He says he has “changed a lot as a person” in that time – “not just how I manage a job but how I conduct myself too. I’ve grown up.”

“Since being promoted from Regional Foreman, I have more responsibility training, assisting the branch managers and teams on site.”

“If there is a new foreman in a branch, I’ll train them on everything from household works and our Jade system (online planning software), to maintenance and calibration registers.”

Michael also supports the learning of the wider teams. “For our pumps, it’s critical we maintain and look after them properly, so I make videos and guides on usage best practice and how to fix them. I’m always speaking to suppliers to find out if they have any new training available.”

“We recently introduced new tech and the level of IT confidence across the company varies. I’ll work with branch managers to make sure people feel confident using laptops and the new systems.”

Building relationships

From Selwood staff and customers to partners and suppliers, Michael interacts with lots of people on a daily basis.

He talks about how it is key to “build solid relationships as you never know who you might need to call for support.”

“I work closely with the Southern Technical Support Engineer. If there is a problem in the North, he will help me and vice versa. Last week we had to respond quickly to a pump repair job for Yorkshire Water – the engineers needed our help.”

Michael talks about some of the training he’s undertaken and how he’s utilised this within his role.

“I received management essentials training last year. Although I’m not directly responsible for a team, I do have some of the responsibilities of a manager and I took away a lot of practical advice about how to communicate with people.

“I remind others that I’m always there to support them and improve Selwood’s standards. Ultimately, we’re all a team, and here to help each other.”

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