The Background

Anglian Water supplies water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the East of England and Hartlepool. Because of the size of the region it covers, the company runs a total of 1,257 water and water recycling treatment works – around a quarter of those in operation in England and Wales.

Among these sites is a water treatment works at Canwick, Lincolnshire, which developed a problem in March 2019. The station had been pumping against a blockage, and as a result a potential pipework failure had developed within the wet well.

The Challenge

To repair the problem, Anglian Water needed the station to be overpumped, diverting the flow of water while repair works were carried out.

The water needed to be redirected to Canwick inlet works which involved pumping it approximately a kilometre away from the pumping station. The station had a temporary over-pumping point which was only six inches in size, a potentially limiting factor for flow.

The Selwood Solution

Following a thorough site survey, the team identified that Selwood’s recently-developed S160Eco pumps fitted the bill perfectly.

The S160Eco, part of Selwood’s market-leading S range of solids handling pumps, was developed by Selwood engineers to deliver increased performance and near-silent operation from a lower emissions engine.

The pump, driven by an Isuzu Tier 4 diesel engine, offers a 26.5% increase in pressure across the curve when compared to the current Selwood S150 model – meaning it could handle the 1km transfer with ease despite the limitations of the over-pumping point.

The pumps were set up in a duty/assist configuration and fitted with float switches and Selwood’s in-house developed SelWatch technology. SelWatch is a remote cloud-based telematics tool that makes it easy to monitor pumps off-site, and to troubleshoot any potential issues from a remote device.

The Result

Use of the Selwood S160Eco ensured the flow could be diverted to Canwick inlet works reliably and without issues.

The use of SelWatch technology saved on the cost of having personnel on site at all times to monitor the overpumping setup. SelWatch also helped reduce fuel consumption, saving Anglian Water money and reducing emissions.

The Recommendation

Anglian Water reported that they were delighted with the speed of Selwood’s service, from getting on site to conduct the survey to the delivery and installation of the equipment. The Selwood solution ensured that the station was back online without undue delay.

Download the case study here.